Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Background

This is very exciting for both Craig and myself.  We began looking into the possibility of owning an alpaca processing mill in June.  After a lot of internet research, field trips and the support of our families and friends, we decided to go ahead with the idea of starting our own fiber mill.  We have spent the last four months researching equipment, buildings, permits and funding. 

Hopefully, we have all our ducks (or in this case, alpacas) in a row. 

We begin excavation on Tues, Nov 2 and building construction on Mon, Nov 8, 2010. 

I will be keeping you posted with photos and verbage as we go.  Occasionally, I might get Craig to type a post or two!  On quiet days during construction, I will go back and fill you in on some of the fun we have had.  And once we are up and running, we will let you see the equipment and the products.

Our hope is to get the building up and ready by the end of November, the equipment in the beginning of December and open the doors to process other people's fiber in January 2011.  The website for the mill is not yet up and ready but we will let you know when it is. 

Keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds and our timelines are not unrealistic!