Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not so bored but behind

I really got behind there for awhile!.  Sorry.  We have been running a little fiber and doing some work at the mill that needed to be done while we had some down time.  Down time is at an end though.  Fiber is coming in and we are ready to hit the ground running.

We put gutters on the front and back of the building; had the dirt pile in front and back of the building graded so we could plant grass (waiting to do that when the water went in became a problem!); started putting together the sewing and weaving areas in the upstairs; are ready (once it dries out a little more) to put french drains in the back and get a screen door up.  We have also been getting ready in small ways for the product line.  We will be getting our online store up with the website soon.  We also have some new employees coming aboard.  We will introduce them to you later in the week.  One will be full time, helping with the machines, marketing and product line and two others are part time sewing and designing needle felter products.

Landshark (the needle felter) went away to get some work done.  We need to do something to make him useable, whether he stays with us or gets sold.  Right now, he is a very expensive door stop.  So those of you waiting for needle felted goods, we will hopefully get him back soon and the new needle felter is still online for arrival at the beginning to mid July.  If you want in the queue, get your fiber to us sooner than later. 

It has been busy in our personal lives as well.  Shearing was put off at  Craig's due to non-stop rain.  It was sunny yesterday and sunny today and we hope to get through to Wednesday with little to no rain adn get through shearing.  It is really hard to find places to lay out 40 plus fleeces to they will dry rather than mold...  We have had prom and SATs here, with another dance this weekend (yup, right before Memorial Day).  When it has been nice, there has been a ton of yardwork for everyone to catch up on.  And when it has not been nice, spring cleaning. 

here are your px:

Who ordered a bulldozer?

Front graded.  Note new gutters.

Landshark heading to shop.

Hadrian "hiding".

Fiber flower found during skirting.
Z & R ready for Prom.