Friday, April 15, 2011

Harrisburg and MAPACA were fun!

All of us enjoyed MAPACA a great deal.  Except no one warned us that the interior of the Farm Show would emulate the temperature of a mountain top in Peru....there were actually many, many people walking around in parkas (they were warned!!)  Not that it was overly warm outside either but it was colder inside.  Next year, we will pack accordingly.

Now, you may or may not know, but I do not own any alpacas.  Craig does, so I can see them outside the mill window everyday.  I have no desire to own alpacas (or sheep or horses or cows or chickens).  I spend a lot of time with fiber but not the actual animals it comes from.  So I was thrilled to finally see a "paca cow" in person!  If I was inclined to own alpacas, I would go out and buy an entire herd of suris.  Maybe just the cute, young ones were at the show, maybe it was just that they were a novelty for me, I have no idea.  But they are so cute and small and the fiber, oh the fiber! 

But, I can buy a lot of suri fiber from good suri owners as opposed to buying a actual animal.

We (the kids and me) were at the alpaca show Sat and Sun morning.  Then we had time to be tourists.  We went to the capital building and teh National Civil War Museum.  Both trips were requested by Brigid but no one minded.  She is a huge history and Civil War buff and with the 150th anniversary of the war starting, it seemed appropriate to go to the museum.

Craig and Grey Medea heading (one
unwillingly) to the show ring.  She
took a 3rd place ribbon.
Brigid gets and gives Starbuck kisses.

White alpaca?  Nope, haven't seen one.
Playing tourists at the PA Capital Blg.

Statue outside Nat'l Civil War Museum

Elmo has been to many hotels.
We have no idea how he got
in this state!  A nice giggle
at the end of a long, chilly day!

My favorite sign at the Farm Show.  Very subjective....

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