Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winter Almost Over (?)

I am really looking forward to warmer weather and shearing season.  I am not much of one for the cold to begin with.  March in PA is all over the place temperature wise.  At least the mud hill out from of the mill dried out.  Just in time for the rains to move back in. 

I have been spending time on the website, so not spending as much time on the blogsite.  Only so many hours in the day.  The new info is on the following pages:  Yarn Sizes, Ideas for Yarns, Where to Buy Our Product, and We Buy Fiber. 

After completing the order shown below, which was for Bedford Lincoln Pike Alpacas, we went back to doing "our" fiber.  We made some rovings for handspinners and yarn.  I have been trying to make about the same size yarn using different fleeces.  Luckily, this has been going rather well.  Very much a fine tuning activity.

And I have been spending some quality time with Luigi, our little Italian lace spinner.  The language barrier is becoming smaller!  As are the yarns, since his specialty is fine, lace weights. 

We are also going to tread into the Suri waters soon.  I washed Maxie's fleece last night so as soon as it dries, we can see go to a whole new reported level of interesting.  Staple length and lack of crimp apparently mean all the machines have to be slowed down to accomodate Suri. 

Here are some px from last week:

Shipping / labelling dept hard at work
Variety pack of rovings

two and three color rovings
Beautiful medium rose grey "cookies" -
became a 3 ply worsted weight yarn.

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